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Another Gold Star Question?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Here is a two ⭐️⭐️ GOLD STAR question. One of the main characters in my novel, "Tares among the Wheat" is young widow, Amelia Meade. Although my novel is not yet released, the answer to this question can be found in my postings on Facebook, Twitter, and/or my website. THE QUESTION: Amelia suffers three personal tragedies in her lifetime, as disclosed in the novel. What were those three specific tragedies? 🧐🥴🤔


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Although the subjects in the photo are not identified, and my research failed, I am certain the woman on the left is my mother. I was fortunate to have such background and ancestry as resources for my novel, "Tares among the Wheat" to be released by late November, 2019.


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I'll be at the Bethany Library tomorrow, October 6th, to read my book, "Grady's in the Silo". Then we'll work on a craft. Grady and I hope you can come. It's at 2 P.M.


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Do we have any affiliate groups near Madil, OK?


View 5 more comments📷Winona Bennett Cross Wish I could find a group in Madill or closer. I live in Durant. Maybe I should start one.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 1w📷Gail Mattingly Red river writers used to meet in Durant. Have they disbanded?Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 7h📷Write a comment... 📷

Fred Staff shared a post.

What a set. HELL ON THE BORDER based on these books to be released soon and MORGAN FREEMAN just announced he is making a TV series on this great man's life after he read the three books.

History and action combined in the story of the greatest US Marshal in Indian Territory and possibly the greatest to ever serve.

What a set. HELL ON THE BORDER based on these books to be released soon and MORGAN FREEMAN just announced he is making a TV series on this great man's life afte...


View 2 more comments📷Mark Jones Looks very interesting. I’ve read several stories about Reeves including his arrest of two of my ancestors.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 10h📷Fred Staff Ha hahaha! He arrested many a person and for anything from running whiskey to cutting trees on Indian land.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 7h📷Write a comment... 📷

Does OFWI maintain a list of members who are also editors with areas of specialization? If so, how do I access it? Thanks.


View 5 more comments📷Winona Bennett Cross Sounds greatHide or report thisLike · Reply · 23h📷Sandra Soli Shelley, I want to mail a check but need address and treasurer's name, please. I do not want to pay electronically. Thank you for passing this to someone who can advise me.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 23h📷Vinita Eggers replied · 1 Reply📷Write a comment... 📷

A positive remark speaks volumes. I would like to ask a special favor. My new historical nonfiction book is coming out soon and I'm looking for blurb endorsements and reviews. The books focus on using the social history of the times to understand what your ancestors were thinking and feeling.

The first of two volumes. THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS IN AMERICA chronicles the Presidents, the Federal Census, and current events that influenced the lives of our ancestors from 1790 to 189...


📷Julia Reagan Harmon They sound great!Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 1d📷Mark Jones Congratulations. I know you’ve worked very hard getting to this point. The draft I read was a fascinating look at the USA as of each census. Very informative with many historical details not commonly a part of our history books. Best wishes and good luck.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 10h📷Write a comment... 📷


Yes, you, the one on facebook...not writing. It's ok, I got your back.

Look at these pictures and write a little something for a chance to appear in The Report!


📷Ariel White📷 or report this📷OWFI.ORGThe Report Flash Fiction Prompt — Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc.…The Report Flash Fiction Prompt — Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. (OWFI)Like · Reply · 1d📷Write a comment... 📷

Today I shared some tips for boosting your writing speed on the Make A Living Writing blog. This post is aimed at nonfiction writers, but a lot of the suggestions apply to fiction writers, too.

📷About this websiteMAKEALIVINGWRITING.COMFire Up Your First Draft: 10 Time-Saving Ways to Boost Writing SpeedDoes it take you forever to write an article or complete an assignment? Learn to boost your writing speed to move up and earn more. Here's how:12Nick Lyon and 11 others4 CommentsLikeComment


View 1 more comment📷Maria Polson Veres Thanks Claire! There’s not a way to make group posts shareable. I’m sending you a friend request, and once we’re friends I can message you with the link or post it on your timeline.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 2d📷Claire Niente replied · 1 Reply📷Raymona Anderson My books are stand alone fiction that require lots of research, have layered plots, and new characters, settings, etc. So I don't write fast, but sure do admire writers who can do. I will say I have one book and a sequel in the works, but that too took years of research.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 2d📷Write a comment... 📷

Yesterday at 10:41 AMGlad to see this announcement from Carolyn Hart. THE RETURN OF BAILEY RUTH, her newest mystery. (We Carolyns have to stick together!)📷MAILCHI.MPThe return of Bailey Ruth12Nick Lyon and 11 others1 CommentLikeComment


📷Raymona Anderson Yea for Carolyn. I need to get this one for sure.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 1d📷Write a comment... 📷

Lmg Swain shared a post.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving from one disaster to another.

The trick is to just keep moving.10Nick Lyon and 9 othersLikeComment


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This week I received advance copies of Volume One of my two-volume literary fiction novel, "Tares among the Wheat." It won't be released until the second volume is ready for distribution, in about eight weeks. Keep updated at:


📷Jack McManus Great news, congratulations.Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 2d📷Write a comment... 📷

Nick Lyon shared a link.

Sorry I've been slacking, but today is Promo Day! Promote those things you've been writing, those covers you've been creating, or those dreams you've been dreaming!


View 2 more comments📷Mots McCon ! Please share with everyone who loves a good kids' book and/or who loves to support working-mom entrepreneurs!!Hide or report this📷MOTSDEMERE.COMMots de Mere – Children's BooksMots de Mere – Children's BooksLike · Reply · 3d📷Martha Draper Enjoy!Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 3d📷Write a comment... 📷

Happy Promo Wednesday! My new box set is now available in print and ebook formats on Amazon. Visit my website at for links.

📷Staci Mauney AuthorWriterSend MessageStaci Mauney AuthorLike PageOctober 1 at 4:45 PM

Happy Release Day to me! The Echoes of Joy Devotional Series box set is now available in print and ebook formats on Amazon. Visit my website at for links. #releaseday #book #devotional #EchoesofJoy


📷Lisa Skaggs-Willis Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊🎈Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 3d📷Cathy Collar Congrats!Hide or report thisLike · Reply · 3d📷Write a comment... Older Posts

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